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260gsm ArtCard – 180x108mm & below

Business cards are incredibly versatile marketing tools, available in various sizes. They play a vital role in leaving a lasting first impression by efficiently and affordably sharing your contact information.

310gsm ArtCard – 180x108mm & below

Discover 310gsm Artcard business cards in various sizes. Our 310gsm Artcards deliver a professional, impressive thickness and finish, captivating your clients’ customers. These essential marketing tools effortlessly share your contact information, leaving a memorable first impression.

310gsm Liquid Foil Card – 90x54mm & below

The Liquid Foil Card is perfect for businesses that want to make a lasting impression; our Clients love its eye-catching design, the unlimited coloured foil, and the way it immediately catches people’s attention. If you’re looking to make a statement and create a unique brand identity, the Liquid Foil Card is the perfect choice for […]

500gsm Synthetic Card – 90x54mm & below

Using Synthetic Eco UV Ink Plastics reduces waste and conserves resources since it’s made of polypropylene, a recyclable material. In contrast to PVC cards, synthetic paper plastic does not emit harmful chemicals during production or disposal, making it a safer and more eco-friendly option. Synthetic paper plastic is not only more sustainable but also cheaper […]

230gsm Ivory ArtCard – 90x54mm & below

If you’re looking for a material for Loyalty cards that can handle handwritten notes and stamp ink without smudging, 230gsm Ivory card is a texture similar to slightly thicker A4 printing paper. A highlight of this material: The material’s ability to resist smudging ensures that your loyalty cards maintain a professional appearance, while its overall […]

310gsm ArtCard – 90x54mm & below

We offer a range of high-quality business cards at affordable prices. Our 310gsm Artcards have a professional thickness and finish that has been impressing own clients’ customers. Business cards are an essential marketing tool that can quickly and inexpensively share your contact information, making a lasting first impression. Creating business cards can be stressful, especially […]

260gsm ArtCard – 90x54mm & below

There is no doubt that business cards are one of the most versatile marketing tools available to businesses. Business cards play an important role in creating a lasting first impression by sharing your contact information quickly and inexpensively. When it comes to business card creation, most people are stressed about quality and prices. At Printmystuff, […]


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