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How to Create a Scratch Card for Your Business in Singapore

How to Create a Scratch Card for Your Business in Singapore

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Preparing Your Scratch Card Design

Before you begin placing digital images onto a digital canvas, ensure that you start your artwork file with the correct settings in place.

You can use any design software that allows you to save your finished artwork as a JPG/PDF/PSD file.

We recommend using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, although Canva can also be useful for templated designs that use stock images online.

Set your artwork dimensions to match the size of the scratch cards, which is 90x54mm / 9×5.4cm.

It’s a good idea to set up a safe zone 5mm in from the edge of the card. This can help you avoid placing key text and graphics too close to the paper edge, where they may get trimmed off accidentally.

Make sure your design software is set to CMYK color mode, rather than RGB mode.

Let your creativity run wild!

Let the creativity flow!

There are no rules for how your scratch card design should look, but there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the best print results.

What makes a winning scratch card design? Check out our marketing tips:

The Humble Scratch Card (and How It Can Become Your Most Compelling Sales Tool)

Scratch card marketing is a simple medium in the marketing realm capable of incredible things, such as:

-Re-engaging old customers
-Attracting new customers
-Increasing sales
-Generating leads
-Building loyalty
-Generating footfall
-Boosting your brand

Things To Avoid When Designing Scratch Cards

For a smooth and reliable scratching experience, it’s important to avoid incorporating sharp angles and corners with a small radius in your panel design. These elements can compromise the integrity of the latex and result in less satisfactory performance.

One Scratch Panel Placement

We can only accommodate one scratch panel. It is recommended to maintain one scratch panel with the following fixed sizes: 15(H)x60mm, 15(H)x40mm, 30x30mm, 20x20mm.

Please ensure that you place the text of the winnings before submitting your artwork to us; do not leave it empty.

Avoid Bleeding Areas

For best results, it’s advisable to avoid placing scratch panels in bleeding areas or near the edges, as this could cause issues and potentially delay the process.

By following these guidelines, you can improve the visual appeal and quality of your Scratch Cards while reducing potential printing and production challenges.

Once you’re completely satisfied with your design, it’s time to save and send it to us! As mentioned earlier, please supply your artwork in high-resolution JPG, PDF, or PSD format, with a minimum of 300dpi. Avoid saving your artwork as interactive PDFs, as they are not suitable for printing. After we receive your artwork files, we’ll review them before processing payment and inform you of their suitability for printing. This way, any issues with your design can be addressed early on!

View Scratch Card Pricelist, click here.

Unsure about how to place an order? Don’t worry, just add us on WhatsApp (+65 87530413) and we’ll be delighted to assist you every step of the way!

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