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How much Does Logo design cost in Singapore 2023?

How much Does Logo design cost in Singapore 2023?

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When brands are constantly competing for attention, a well-designed logo can make all the difference. The logo is the first thing every customer sees in a business, and it has the power to stir emotions and leave a lasting impression.

There is always an underestimation of Logo design and it is considered to be a not-so-important component of a business’s identity. This article explains the importance of Professional Logo design, so we will also explain why logo design in Singapore doesn’t cost less than $50.

Here we’ll differentiate between cheap logo design services (priced at S$50 or lower) and Professional Logo Design services in Singapore. You’ll discover why a Good logo designer in Singapore doesn’t charge low fees and the significance of investing in logo design for your business identity. Logo design costs in Singapore can range from $150 to several thousand dollars, ensuring a unique and effective representation of your brand.

How much does a logo design cost?

The cost of professional logo design ranges from S$150 to S$5000. A good logo design should cost between S$300 and S$1500 for a small business or start-up with a limited budget. This budget probably gets you the best design.

Logo design costs vary from logo designer to logo designer. The budget-friendly logo design package in Singapore costs between $200 and $600. Some logo design services in Singapore charge up to $1500, mid-range, and others are high-end.

The main difference between logo designs is the process. Designers’ creative skills, knowledge, and experiences are not just familiar with the design guidelines but tools as well. A decent logo design cost will be $200 when you already have the concept in mind and want to digitalize the design. Logo designs cannot be created instantly or in a few hours. Logo designing services in Singapore take at least two days to come up with the initial design concepts, maybe in a day if you have the design already.

If you are unfamiliar with the logo design process, you can hire a freelance logo designer who is a better reputation online. For example, you can find reviews on the Fiverr platform. In that case, you can get a detailed overview of the process easily. When you hire a logo designer, choose an expert to design your logo based on your requirements.

Logo Design Service ProvidersPrice Ranges fromHow it works
DIY Logo MakerFree – $50AI logo maker platform with pre-made templates and tools.
Freelance Logo Designer$50 – $500Custom logo design by freelance designers based on your needs.
Gigs Websites (eg. Fiverr)$150 – $1,000Businesses post design briefs, and multiple designers compete.
Creative & Branding Agencies$1000 & aboveFull-service agencies providing comprehensive branding services.

Please note that the prices mentioned above are intended as a general guide and can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the design, the number of revisions required, and the desired timeline for completion.

What makes an effective logo design?

The term “good logo design” itself is hypothetical. Some people consider what is good as not good, while others consider it worse. For a better understanding, let’s look at a generic scenario of a famous brand.

When someone first looks at the FedEx logo, they view it as a Typography logo. They couldn’t understand the hidden meaning behind the logo, but the logo has a hidden meaning. Notice the arrow, and it refers to FedEx speed and accuracy. As mentioned above, a good logo design always refers to people’s perspectives.

Types of Logo Design

Below is a list of types of logo designs:

1-Lettermark Logo Design

Fonts make up letter mark logo designs. Lettermark logos are usually abbreviations of the company name. CNN, for example, stands for Cable News Network. Lettermark logo design is excellently demonstrated by CNN. Clients who are already familiar with the public can benefit from letter mark logos.

2-WordMark Logo Design

The WordMark logo is also text-based. It does, however, have the full business name. WordMark Logo design can be viewed in the Google logo as an excellent example. The Google logo is renowned for its elegant font and design.

3-Pictorial Mark Logo Design

A pictorial mark is simply a logo represented as an element. The Twitter logo is a great example of a Pictorial Mark Logo. An example of a pictorial mark is the Apple logo.

4-Abstract Logo Design

The abstract logo design is a geometric mark. Pepsi’s logo is an excellent example of abstract logo design.

5-Mascot Logo Design

A mascot is based on a character. You can choose a mascot logo design if you want your business to represent a friendly and fun image. The KFC logo is a great example of this.

6-Combination Mark Logo Design

This type of logo design combines several types of logos. A combination mark logo design is ideal if you want your logo to include an image as well as fonts.

7-Emblem Logo Design

Emblem logo designs are preferred by educational institutions. As it closely resembles a seal, it is regarded as the oldest logo design. In smaller prints, your text may not be visible if the design is too complex inside the symbol.

How is a Professional Logo designed differently?

For a professional logo design, it should be up-to-date, versatile for various business applications, minimalistic, suitable, and attention-grabbing. Top logo designers in Singapore adhere to a standardized logo design process, which typically involves several key steps.

Logo Design Process Steps
1. Requirement Understanding
2. Requirement Analysis
3. Sketching & Conceptualization
4. Digitalization and Presentation
5. Logo Rollout

Please note that the logo design process involves a thorough understanding of your requirements, analyzing the industry and competitors, sketching and conceptualizing ideas, digitalizing the chosen concept, and presenting it to the client. The final logo is then delivered in various formats for digital and print use. Creating a unique and effective logo requires time and effort, which is why professional logo designers in Singapore do not charge a mere S$50 or less for their services.

When working with freelance logo designers, ensure they provide the following as part of the deliverables:

  1. Final logo design in various formats. (Ask for it if they don’t provide)
  2. High-resolution vector format for printing purposes.
  3. Web-optimized format for online use.
  4. Source files for future edits or modifications.
  5. Full copyright ownership of the logo.

Creating a unique identity for your business requires more than just downloading a template. There are no shortcuts in logo design. It’s important to choose the appropriate logo type that suits your business. Each type of logo design comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Consult with your logo designer to receive guidance on selecting the right type of logo design at a reasonable cost.

Get your logo designed and brought to life with our professional logo design services from us. It’s never too late to invest in professional logo design. You can request a logo design Singapore quote by WhatsApp us.

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