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Do people still use Namecard in Singapore in 2024?

Do people still use Namecard in Singapore in 2024?

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As in-person gatherings and networking experiences regain popularity, digital business cards are expected to become ubiquitous among professionals across various industries in 2024.

In the evolving landscape of work, characterized by the ongoing adjustments to the “new normal” amidst fluctuating Covid cases worldwide, establishing meaningful connections in the business realm has become both different and somewhat more intricate.

The era of paper business cards as a primary means of sharing contact information is fading. However, simply exchanging phone numbers lacks the subtle professionalism that a traditional business card once conveyed.

Do I still need business cards?

Even though the traditional paper business card may seem slightly outdated, it’s still essential to have a professional means of exchanging contact information. However, the form of the business card has evolved.

In today’s predominantly digital work environment, the analog paper business card appears redundant and environmentally wasteful. While NFC business cards and digital business cards have emerged as a popular substitute, they suffer from reliability issues on certain devices and contribute to plastic waste.

Physical business cards still does the job of offering a tangible and personal touch that digital alternatives like NFC and digital business cards struggle to replicate. They allow for a direct exchange that feels more memorable and authentic, often facilitating a stronger initial connection. Additionally, physical cards can serve as a visual representation of a brand, incorporating unique design elements and textures that leave a lasting impression. Unlike digital cards, which can be easily lost in a sea of digital clutter, physical cards are physical reminders of a networking encounter, making them more likely to be kept and referred back to.

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